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News for students

Summer school

Have you missed out on assignments? Returning assignments on time is really important to keep up with your group schedule. It is recommended that you return your missed assignments during this school year.

Do you still need credits from a course you have failed? Now you have the opportunity to get some extra support before summer.

You can attend the Summer School from 16 May to 3 June 2022, where you will have a teacher to help you complete the assignments. In the Summer school, the teacher will help you break down the assignment in to a little tasks and coach you so that you can complete all the missed assignments by the end of the school year. You also have the opportunity to receive study guidance and special teacher support according to your needs. You can attend the Summer School in a Drop In -style (according to your own schedule. However, we need you to sign up.

Sign up via this link. Registration closes on 8 May.