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China – The China Programme

Toimiala: Yrittäjyys ja hyvinvointi

Toiminta-alue: Kansainvälinen

Lisätiedot: Hannele Teir, +358 44 7250438,

Projektipäällikkö: Hannele Teir


The China Programme is an exchange programme ran by Centria University of Applied Sciences since 1995.
It is offered to all universities of applied sciences and universities in Finland.

We organize two exchange periods during the academic year: during the Autumn semester and the Spring semester (lasting 3 months each).

Choose the university that suits best your field of study:

Shanghai University: business, culture, history and technology

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences: health care and social services

You are most welcome to read more about the exchange possibilities and information by clicking university names!

Please contact China Program Coordinator if you have any questions! 

About us

The China Programme is led by Hannele Teir, Vice President & Transnational Education Director, at Centria University of Applied Sciences. Hannele Teir has been collaborating with these universities and in China more generally forr nearly 20 years. She also belongs to the executive board of the Asia-network of Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Li Xu, from the International Office of Centria University of Applied Sciences, coordinates the programme.

Centria offers support and guidance to the students chosen to take part in the programme. Support and advice is given concerning practical matters, visa applications and life in Shanghai.
We are present when students arrive to Shanghai and see that the first days start well in Shanghai.

Li Xu
Programme coordinator
+358 40 1827485

Hannele Teir
Programme director
+358 44 7250438