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Study path – international business management (master level)

Open UAS studies are a flexible way to start your educational path. Did you miss out on Joint application? Not sure what to study? Want to update your knowledge? Maybe Open UAS studies are your way to go. You don’t lose anything by trying open studies at Centria.

Opintomuoto: Monimuotototeutus

Opintojen laajuus: 15 op

Campus: Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola

150 €

Aloituspaikat: 1-5

Haku alkaa: 23.05.2022

Haku päättyy: 07.08.2022

Opetuskieli: Englanti

Is Master’s degree part of your future plans? Open UAS gives you flexible opportunities to start your studies. Study paths consist of the courses that are part of Centria’s Master’s degree programs. All the courses can be included in the degree if the student continues his studies in Centria’s degree program. Study paths start mainly in September. You can ask for study places also in the middle of the autumn period. In some case study path students can start their studies also in January. It depends on the resources in the degree program and of the structure of the studies but you don’t certainly lose anything by asking!

Students, in the study paths, study in the same groups with the degree students. The studies are implemented as part time studies so working alongside studying is fully possible.

To be able to start studies as an open university student, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree must be mainly from the same field of study on which you wish to continue your studies. As an Open UAS student you don’t need to have the two years of work experience yet but you can’t apply to the degree program before the requirement for the work experience has been achieved.

Open university students study with the degree students in the same group. The academic year 2022-2023 starts with the orientation day in September (date will be informed later). Also students on the study path are obligated to take part in the orientation day. During the day students will get to know Centria and their own group. During the day the students will also get familiar with the practical side of studying, for example the information systems that are used in Centria.

If a student can’t take part in the orientation, he must contact the student office (studentoffice(a) so that he’ll be sent instructions on how to start studies.

After finishing required 15 credits, a student can apply for the degree studies. Applying takes place in -service. Please note that you can’t apply to the degree program before you have gained two years of work experience after finalizing your Bachelor’s degree. A student must achieve at least the average value of 3,0 in his studies during the study path to be eligible to the degree program.

Read more about Open UAS studies here. Further information about studies in International Business Management you can find here.

An open university student is not entitled to any kind of financial benefits (for example student allowance, discounts in trains and buses) based on his/her studies. If you are a customer of Public employment and business services, make sure your studies are approved before you apply to the study path. Please note that a student visa will not be admitted based on Open University studies.

NB! Please note that a student visa will not be admitted based on Open University studies.

You must have finished your Bachelor’s degree before starting the studies on the Master level study path.

The students in the study path are chosen in the line of enrolment. Information about the study place will be announced by e-mail during the week 33 at latest. Application form requires authentication.

There are 1-5 places for the study path students per group. After the application period is over, the applicant will be contacted by e-mail.

NB! If the application must be cancelled during the summer, please send the request in averko(a)

Cancellation of the studies will be adviced in the e-mail after the end of the application period. If the terms of cancellation are not followed, the applicant will be registered as an open UAS student in Centria. The studies are invoiced according to the registration.

Open UAS study fee in International Business Management is 150 €. The fee will be charged in one instalment after the beginning of the studies.

Open UAS fees are based on the registration. Dropping out of studies or failing courses does not affect on the fee nor does it entitle the student for a refund.

Further information about studying in the field of Business Management, contact us by e-mail:

Head of the Degree Program, MasterSchool (International Business Management): Marko Ovaskainen, marko.ovaskainen(a)

Studying in Open UAS, application, cancellation of studies etc.: averko(a)

Please note that during the summer break school will be closed. Send your inquiry by e-mail. The inquiries will be answered after the holidays.

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Master of Business Administration, International Business Management, Part-time

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