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COPSA's student tutor talking to a group of students

Student Union COPSA

Student Union COPSA is a student advocacy organization for students at Centria University of Applied Sciences. COPSA ensures that the voice of students is heard both in the decision-making of our UAS and in the surrounding society.

You can turn to COPSA for anything related to studying and student life. COPSA trains the University of Applied Sciences tutors, and provides students with sports activities as well as organizing events to counterbalance studying.

Every student who is studying in a programme that leads to a degree in Centria has the right to become a member of the student union. By becoming a member of the student union, you will receive an official student card to receive great membership benefits.

By becoming a member, you can influence the affairs of the student union and the student’s position at the University of Applied Sciences. As a member, you can participate in sports activities organised by COPSA without a separate fee and purchase tickets to events at a cheaper price.

If you are interested in influencing students’ affairs, you can also apply to the COPSA Board or Representative Council.

For more information about the student union, becoming a member, services provided by the student union and up-to-date contact information, visit the COPSA website.