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Centria Drone Lab

Centria has strong drone expertise. We utilise versatile commercial drone solutions. In addition to these, we can design and manufacture drones for different purposes.

Centria Drone Lab

The drones are designed using 3D modelling software. They can be simulated, and it is possible to complete component strength calculations. Different materials can be used in the manufacture of parts, and they can be manufactured in different ways, for example by using a 3D printer.

The drone equipment is evolving

Centria’s drone activities started in 2014 when the first drone was acquired for research and development activities. The drone served as the main device in the IMAGE 5G project (2016–2018), which carried out many new types of experiments and sought solutions for the needs of companies and authorities. During the IMAGE 5G project, the project workers gained a lot of pioneering experience of drone technologies and operations in challenging conditions.

Today, drones are used in several different research and development projects at Centria. The needs of companies and authorities continue to create many use cases of drones. The aim is to come up with new types of solutions for these use cases with different drone equipment, and to reach conclusions and further process the data obtained by the drones. Centria has various sizes of drones that are mainly used for research activities, and several small drones suitable for teaching purposes.

Equipment acquired for research and professional use

The equipment enables various types of demonstrations and experiments in different weight classes and flight times.

It enables versatile utilisation for different purposes. The applications include the needs of agriculture and industry.

Drone-related projects

For research and development:

For education:

Examples of use

Airborne measurements, development of new measurement methods and visualisation of measurement results

Drone control using mobile network

Thermal camera applications

Challenging industrial environments


Indoor flights, maintenance, utilisation of UGVs and other applications

Supervised A2 additional theory tests in Ylivieska, Pietarsaari and Kokkola

If you want to fly drones that weigh between 500 g – 2 kg in a densely populated area, it is an open category sub-category A2 operation. In this case, in addition to the A1/A3 online theory test, you must have self-managed practical training and a supervised A2 additional theory test successfully completed.

Centria’s supervised exam sessions can be found in the academic calendar.

We also offer training in operating a drone

The training includes topics such as:

Proof-of-Concept trials in projects




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