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For students

In this section you can find information and instructions that you’ll need from the beginning of your studies until graduation and transition to work-life. In Student’s toolkit, you can find the tools you need during your studies, such as itsLearning, Peppi.

Group of students walking in Kokkole centre

Student’s Guide

We want our students to thrive and their studies to advance smoothly. This requires that the information is readily available. Here you will find answers to many questions!

Student’s Guide

For new students

You are most welcome to Finland and to Centria UAS! Check out our guide for new students.

New students
Four students pictured in Kokkole centre

Graduation and working life

Our goal is that by graduation the student will find a job in their field. After the Bachelor’s degree, it is also possible to continue studies.

Graduation and working life
Female student leans on a railing and smiles for the camera

Student’s toolkit

The tools you need in your study and instructions for how to use them are compiled here.

Student’s toolkit
Students working on laptops


The Centraali landing page is being updated

As of Monday 22 January, the Centraali homepage will be updated to the Centria website, and the layout of the page will be the same as on the rest of the Centria website.

Optional language studies

Have you been planning to study optional language courses? There’s still some days left to enrol to the courses we have during the Spring term 2024.