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3d scanner

Development environments

Our development environments provide the possibilities for the area’s actors and students to test and develop products and processes.

Centria Game Lab

We offer people interested in the games industry an opportunity to start deepening their competence.

Man wearing a VR headset

Centria Drone Lab

Centria has strong expertise in drones and other autonomous devices.

Two RDI experts flying a drone indoors

Centria SecuLab

We provide added value to companies and communities by offering constant and trustworthy cyber and data security services.

A man holding a phone and a laptop in his hands

Centria HealthLab

Innovation, demonstration and education environment of health technology products.

Wellbeing expert guiding a client's VR experience


We have extensive expertise in plastic and composite materials, which extends from the selection and manufacturing of materials to the 3D printing of products.


Experimental chemical plant that provides companies with a unique framework for demanding research and development.

Picture of the Chemplant test plant

Robo3D Lab

Robo3D Lab is the most versatile robotics laboratory of Northern Finland.

RDI expert using a big robot

Centria Makerspace

Centria Makerspace is a multidisciplinary creative space where ideas and experiences are put into practice and tested using various prototypes and service design methods.


Get to know our teams and research groups

Centria’s six research, development and innovation teams – Digitalisation, Production technology, Entrepreneurship and business, Wellbeing and health, Chemistry and bioeconomy and Pre-awards and networks – aim for regional development.