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Centria Makerspace

Make ideas and experiences into reality!

Centria Makerspace is a multidisciplinary creative space where ideas and experiences are put into practice and tested using various prototypes and service design methods.  

The space integrates the service simulation environment SILMU, HealthLab, IT education, as well as entrepreneurship and IT projects. This open lab space serves as a natural meeting point for research and development, education, and companies. The Makerspace aims to foster creativity and curiosity through diverse experiments and cross-disciplinary co-creative work. 

As an open lab space, the Makerspace is dedicated to brainstorming and, as part of the experimental development process, creating various prototypes. These prototypes range from quick and light experiments on paper, Lego, or service simulation to more advanced implementations like VR and AR, as well as 3D-printed and 3D-modeled virtual models. This approach enables experimental development at different stages of the process, allowing for the visualization of ideas at various levels of sophistication — from ‘quick and dirty’ to advanced virtual models as needed. 

The facility is equipped with various tools, including a service simulation facility, VR equipment, a driving simulator, and an array of new tools for healthcare technology. In addition to these, a vital aspect of working in the space includes a variety of workshop equipment, such as service design method boards, Post-it notes, various drawing tools, and building materials like Legos and Arduinos. Prototyping different experiences involves empathy experiments, and the Makerspace is equipped with a range of everyday tools for this purpose as well. 


Johanna Hautamäki