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Wellbeing and health

We actively contribute to the development of wellbeing and health, collaboratively creating new approaches and solutions for businesses, staff, and students.

About our work

We operate in Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, and Northern Ostrobothnia, and our starting point is the wishes and needs of businesses, municipalities, and students. The team comprises a diverse range of experts, focusing on intangible cultural heritage, health and wellness technology, social sustainability and cohesion, nature, and culture. The common goal is to promote wellbeing and health. 

In our research and development activities, we closely collaborate with companies, educational institutions, and the third sector on multidisciplinary projects, both domestically and internationally, enhancing their skills development. 

Collaboration among all RDI teams at Centria is smooth and interdisciplinary, with many projects involving multiple teams working together. Numerous experts engage in both teaching and RDI, establishing the foundation for seamless collaboration between teaching and RDI. We offer students the opportunity to explore the realm of RDI through work-based theses. 

Our research groups

Our development environments

Virtuaalitodellisuutta kuntoutuksessa

Centria HealthLab

Centria HealthLab is a center for health and wellness technology innovation, demonstration, development and education at Centria University of Applied Sciences. It connects and serves healthcare providers, technology companies, research and development and non-profit organizations operating in Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.


Marjut Levoska