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A pony and a person

Nature and culture

Centria’s RDI strategy 2021-2024 includes targets for increasing people’s wellbeing, creating cultural development and seeking solutions to reduce inequality in Centria’s operating area. We strengthen social wellbeing through many different projects aimed at preventing social exclusion and improving inclusion. Centria’s experts work in areas such as the development of nature-based wellbeing (Green Care), art-based methods and association activities.

Activities of the research group

The versatility of green care activities built on nature-based methods and the diverse welfare impacts built on researched data make it possible to promote a nature-based approach. Through our expertise in cultural wellbeing, we influence the art-based and culturally oriented activities and development work of the local welfare area as part of the overall wellbeing of people. Active associations promote strong social capital, and the development of association activities aims at increasing the vitality of associations. Centria is well aware of regional association activities and their needs through its extensive third sector networks.

We also recognise the impacts of culture and cultural heritage on wellbeing. In addition, we are working to make the intangible cultural heritage of maritime, industrial and folk music visible and to preserve it.

Centria is actively involved in a national network of art and cultural wellbeing. We also participate in Nordic networks in our Green Care activities, the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of associations.


Marja-Liisa Hiironen