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Student collaboration

Working with companies and communities through practical training, student projects and theses, our students get a feel for working life. At the same time, businesses and communities get in touch with future talent and potential employees.

Recruit an employee or trainee

Is there a need for new employees in your company? Do you need helping hands during a busy season? Are you looking for an intern to do a work project?

We offer the recruitment service Centria Jobi free of charge to employers in our area. The service allows you to reach Centria’s Finnish and international students quickly and efficiently with one tool. The tool operates in a nationwide Tiitus environment and is accessed by employers through a web browser.

You can create an employer profile on this page. Remember to select Centria Jobi as the region in the tool. The service is ready to use after just a couple of clicks!

The video has English subtitles.

Centria Jobi is the primary channel for reaching students, but you can also connect directly with career services if you wish. We will find suitable people and also help with the conclusion of practical training contracts.

Recruit an international student

Are you looking for an international talent for your business? Centria’s Talent Boost operations will help you find the right people for the right tasks. If you need help or consultation in recruiting international talent and students, please feel free to contact our Talent Boost coordinator. More information about Talent Boost and contact information can be found here.

A tandem model internship is an opportunity to experience including international talent in the work community. In a tandem model internship, an international student and a Finnish student do a practical training period together at the same company. Tandem model internships are organised by the Export Expert project. The project finds students in a suitable field for your practical training position and provides mentoring to them.

Taking tandem model interns into your own company or organization is a great opportunity to gain experience operating in a multicultural environment and managing multiculturalism.

Offer a thesis topic

In addition to work and practical training positions, thesis subjects can also be offered in Centria Jobi. A thesis generates new information for the company that can be used to develop the organisation. The thesis may be exploratory, functional or in diary format.

Centria’s fields of education and therefore the most favourable areas to offer theses topics are:

Your students’ theses can be found in the Theseus online library.

Offer project work

One of the most important tasks of a University of Applied Sciences is to serve the work and business life of the region. One of the ways we do this is through the project work that our students undertake for businesses. These may include various design tasks, product or development projects, the creation of information systems, and other research and innovation work. Examples of project work commissioned by companies that our students have done:

Project work allows you to get acquainted with future experts and the company may also find an intern through it. Project work can be offered to students through Centria Jobi or through direct contact with career services.

Project assignments are mainly carried out in the following fields of study:

  • Business Economics
  • Engineering
    • IT
    • Chemistry
    • Electrical and automation engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Industrial engineering

It is possible to carry out project work in all our fields, so please feel free to contact us. All our fields of study and degree programmes can be found here.

Visit our campus

Would you like to visit us for a lecture, introduce your company or throw a pop-up recruitment event on our campus? Visitor lectures and business presentations support students’ learning and provide them with examples from working life. Recruitment events are an excellent opportunity to get to know the talent of the future.

Please contact career services to plan a visit. It is also possible to inform students about events and workshops in Centria Jobi.

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Cooperation between working life and students

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