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Export Expert – Connecting talent with opportunities

Export Expert project identifies labour needs related to the export and internationalisation of businesses and assists companies in recruiting international talent.

Branch: Entrepreneurship and business

Duration: 01.12.2021 – 31.10.2023

Region: Central Ostrobothnia / North Ostrobothnia / Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Social Fund
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Project Manager: Linda Jansson


Centria University of Applied Sciences produces excellent international talent whose potential is currently not utilized in the best way possible in the region. An international professional has extensive knowledge of another culture and this should be used as an enabler for growth, especially in export enterprises.

Export Expert project identifies labour needs related to the export and internationalisation of businesses and assists companies in recruiting international talent. The aim is to create a model for the employment of international experts in the regions of Central Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia and Northern Ostrobothnia, developing the employability of business and engineering students and coaching companies to utilize international talent. The project promotes the transition from education to employment by bringing together businesses and international students in the region.

Project goals

Goal 1. Strengthening the cooperation between the UAS and businesses to employ international experts in the region.

Goal 2. Creating a coaching model to promote the employment of international experts, including career planning, integration into the working life and the development of language skills.

Goal 3. Increasing international recruitment skills in companies in the region through dialogue as well as taking into account diversity needs as part of working life.

Operations in a nutshell

Currently happening in the project

The tandem pair consisting of Finnish Mohamed Hashi (left) and international student Stefan Perez (2nd form left) recently finished their practical training at Tetra Chemicals. The practical training was a very positive experience for everyone involved and the people at Tetra were particularly pleased with the high level of interest and enthusiasm the students had shown towards their practical training. The environmental chemistry and technology students Mohamed and Stefan were able to get to know the different functions and units of the factory, mainly working in the factory’s bulk bagging unit on packaging tasks.

Tetra Chemicals is a domestic expert in calcium chloride, whose Kokkola production unit – Tetra Chemicals Europe Oy – is the largest calcium chloride plant in Europe and employs about 50 people.

Finnish Mohamed Hashi (left) and international student Stefan Perez (2nd form left)

  • 7.3. at 13-14:30 Finnish startups, Talonpojankatu Campus, space 205
  • 4.4. at 13-14:30 Identify your skills and competencies, Talonpojankatu Campus, space 205
  • 12.4. at 13-14 How to improve your employability, Talonpojankatu Campus, space 205

Interest in using natural dyes, for example in textiles, has increased considerably in recent years due to ecological and responsible consumption. Natural Indigo Finland manufactures natural dyes from cultivated plants and industrial side streams.

Fatima Almarani, an environmental and chemical engineering student, has started practical training at Natural Indigo Finland this week. Fatima explores the secrets of dye chemistry and produces information for the company in relation to the production of natural dyes.

Environmental chemistry students Martin Hansen (left) and Ella Gül (second from right) start their tandem model internship at Boliden Kokkola Oy. During the practical training period, Martin and Ella will complete various safety trainings, familiarize themselves with production work and produce English translations for introductory materials.

Their practical training period consists of 12-hour shifts. First, two morning shifts and then two evening/night shifts, after which they will enjoy six days off before the next work week.

Martin and Ella visited Boliden in October with career counsellor Anni-Maija Viitasaari (second from left), Export Expert project manager Lyydia Märsylä (third from left) and the students’ mentor Leena Faven (right).

Thank you Boliden Kokkola Oy for being a part of the project!

Martin Hansen (left) and Ella Gül (second from right)

I DID IT, SO CAN YOU goes Kokkola event gathered a delightfully large crowd of listeners to the amphi of Centria’s Talonpojankatu Campus on 15 November. The event consisted of inspirational speeches by six internationals who study at Centria or have graduated from Centria. They shared their stories on how they have managed to find employment in their field in Finland. Even though everyone’s story was different, there were similarities. In their speech, several speakers stressed the following points:

  • Proactivity: Take chances, and don’t be afraid of failure.
  • The importance of one’s network: Growing your own network already begins during studies. Teachers and fellow students are part of your network, and sometimes encounters may have unexpected consequences.
  • Knowledge of Finnish is a great advantage in job searching.

Thank you everyone who came to listen!

See pictures from the event below!

Business management student Kawtar Tahaoui (pictured) and business student Reetta Niemi started a tandem model internship with cleantech company Wood Forest Finland. A tandem model internship is a practical training format implemented by the Export Expert project.

Wood Forest is working for a cleaner world, and their solution is tying excessive carbon dioxide to wood. They offer a range of services and products to meet the needs of companies, such as carbon footprint calculation of the company’s operations or product, additional carbon bonding to wood, and customer and personnel gifts.

Kawtar’s task with Wood Forest is to conduct market research in her home country Italy. She will research whether any companies offer similar services in Italy and how much potential there is. – I’m excited about my first journey in Finnish working life, Kawtar says.

Reetta’s main task is to develop an annual plan for Wood Forest’s social media. During the eight-week internship, Kawtar and Reetta will also collaboratively develop Wood Forest’s English-language website.

We thank Wood Forest for being involved in an important project!

Kawtar Tahaoui

  • 14.9. 13.30–15 classroom 158 Job Seeking in Finland
  • 11.10. 13.30–15 classroom 158 Mapping Your Skills and Competences
  • 25.10. 13.30–15 classroom 138A Multicultural Working Environments
  • 1.11. 13–14 classroom 255 Preparing for Job interview
  • 1.12. 13–14 classroom 256 CV Clinic

Students of Centria Vy Trihn and Milla Hannila are starting a tandem model internship at FinFami Ostrobothnia in September. Tandem model internship is a practical training model used in the Export Expert project and means that a Finnish student and an international student go to the same company together for a practical training period.

Milla’s duties at FinFami will include planning and organizing recreational events, working in a café, directing groups, and finding and developing materials for the association’s volunteers. Vy’s duties are related to developing the visibility of the association. This includes the development of their website and marketing tasks such as creating social media content. Milla and Vy will also collaborate a lot.

Milla Hannila and Vy Trihn

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