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Production and process development services

Our production and process development services support industry, service industry and the public sector.

Introductory video of Centria’s production and process development services. The video has English subtitles.

Quality, safety and efficiency

Quality, safety, and efficiency are common themes in process development across all sectors. We help to develop these with services designed to handle quality systems, information and ERP systems, or compliance demonstration services.

We serve operators in industry and services by developing and applying production processes and technologies to new applications. We offer a range of measurement, testing, and simulation products to ensure and improve the performance of your production processes.


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Our production and process development services

Centria Lean

Process efficiency service for manufacturing companies

Our typical clients are manufacturing companies that need to improve their profitability and competitiveness.

Pursuing continuous improvement through Lean analysis

For companies, moving to Lean means embarking on a path of continuous improvement. Lean is not a one-off project with a defined end, but rather a continuous process of improvement. We carry out a current state analysis of the company to determine production efficiency, capacity utilisation, and quality performance. Based on the analysis, we develop a step-by-step plan for the transition to Lean.

Production process development potential calculation and development plan

Our analysis of the current situation gives the company an assessment of its development potential in terms of:


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CHEMPLANT – Test Factory Services

Introductory video of Centria Chemplant. The video has English subtitles.

For the process industries

Customers are chemical companies, e.g. biorefineries, mines, concentrators, recycling plants, inorganic chemical industries, and research institutes that need pilot-scale test operations to verify the functionality of processes and to manufacture larger batches of products.

Ensuring that processes work

Our pilot plant services cover process development in the chemical industry from laboratory scale to pilot scale, including studies from pre-feasibility studies onwards. We have a versatile material and compositional analysis platform for product characterisation. Pilot installations provide process data from the ABB automation system. The batches of products produced can be used for pre-marketing or extensive product testing. It can also identify potential problems in factory production and provide information on the processability of products and the scalability of laboratory-scale experiments. The pilot activity supports the selection of processing options, helps to expand the knowledge of factory process management, and allows preliminary equipment and material choices for factory production.

Flexibility and agility for scaling processes

Centria provides customers with pilot plant services to match their wishes. We meet your research needs by leveraging the expertise of our extensive team of experts and our versatile laboratory environments. Our strengths include skilled and experienced staff and a versatile and adaptable pilot plant environment.



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Line test runs for surface treatment agents

Introductory video of Centria’s line test runs. The video has English subtitles.

Service for the wood products industry

In line trials, customers can test and compare the suitability of different surface treatment agents for their own products on Centria’s industrial-scale surface treatment line under laboratory conditions.

Test runs without interrupting your own surface treatment production

Getting started with the new surface treatment is now easier than ever!


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Testing stackability

Service for manufacturers and importers of surface treatment products

Does your company manufacture or import surface treatment products? Do you encounter reclamation costs related to sticky paint surfaces? To support your product development, Centria offers stackability tests for surface treatment products. Our service will help you find out the stackability properties of your paints and varnishes.

Standardised testing service from Centria

Don’t sell products in a bundle, sell them separately!


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Development of data management systems

For manufacturing SMEs, operators in the welfare sector, and the service sector

Systems development is targeted in particular at manufacturing industry SMEs, companies in the welfare sector, and operators in the service sector who need an information management system to manage their business. The information management system is tailored to each client’s needs.

Managing your company’s business processes

The systems control the internal business processes of the company so that the necessary information is available and manageable in real time. For example, customer, item, and product data can be managed and kept up to date. The order-to-delivery processes (purchases, sales, inventory management, work queues, load, capacity management in both numerical and graphical form) are also highlighted. Employee timesheets can be made available in real time and, if necessary, exported electronically to payroll.

Information management system in line with customer needs

We supply customised information management systems, both as desktop versions and as web applications. Security considerations are an important part of all systems development. Graphical elements are becoming increasingly important (e.g. capacity management).


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