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News for students – The first courses for summer 2024 are now published

Missing some credits? Are you in a hurry to graduate? Interested in courses that are currently not available in your own university of applied science? offers you the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences.

CampusOnline courses for summer 2024 will be published in phases, and enrolments will also start depending on the individual course. You can check the updated timetable here.

The first courses for summer 2024 are now published and the enrolments will start at the end of February depending on the course. More detailed enrolment information can always be found in the information for each course. More courses for summer 2024 will be published in March-May.

Centria students enrol only through Peppi for Centria’s own open online studies and the enrolment period is 11.3-5.4.2024.

Centria is part of a cross-institutional study network and the offerings of the network’s universities of applied sciences will appear in Peppi for Centria students. Enrollment for UASs that are not involved in the cross-institutional study network takes place through Campusonline’s course descriptions according to the instructions of the UAS.

This new timetable is a step towards more flexible (cross-)study between universities of applied sciences and offers better study opportunities when and where it best suits you! Non-stop courses will continue to be available throughout the year, so you can enrol and start at any time.

With CampusOnline, you can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree. makes it possible for you to study courses 100% online: simply enrol on courses provided by different universities of applied sciences and complete courses conveniently regardless of time and place – wherever best suits you.

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree) and exchangestudents at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Other Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the university of applied science that offers the course in question.