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Tuition and scholarships for Master’s degree programmes

Tuition fees are charged from Master’s level students studying in languages other than Finnish or Swedish. Tuition fees will be charged from citizens of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.


Students pay tuition fees based on their study right, NOT on the amount of gained credits nor enrollments to courses. If a person is a student of Centria UAS enrolled as present, he/she is obliged to pay tuition fees.

There are no tuition fees for those students who

More information considering the tuition fees and who is obliged to pay them, can be found on the site and accessed by using the link below:

Tuition fees and scholarships for 2022/2023

Centria UAS offers a scholarship programme for students who are subject to paying tuition fees. (Applicable tuition fee must be paid in full according to instructions, no installments possible).

Master’s students can apply for scholarship after graduation by contacting for further instructions.

Please notice that applicants admitted to a Master’s degree are not entitled to early bird discount.

Refund policy

If an applicant receives a negative residence permit decision and based on that is not able to arrive on campus, the tuition fee can be under certain conditions refunded.

In order to be able to get the tuition fee back, the applicant needs to send a copy of the negative decision from the Immigration Office to, as well as attach a copy of an original payment receipt and filled the ‘tuition fee refund’ application. Also, the applicant has to be able to prove that he or she has applied for the residence permit well in time (as soon as possible after receiving the admission letter and paying the tuition fee).

The applicant is not able to apply for a tuition fee refund if he or she has withdrawn the residence permit application himself or herself and that way interrupted the residence permit process and forced the Immigration Office to abort the application process.

If a negative residence permit decision is received, the applicant should notify Centria UAS as soon as possible. Tuition fees will not be refunded after the study year in question has ended.

Students who study online in distance learning mode and wish to apply for the tuition fee refund after receiving a negative residence permit decision will get a full refund of the tuition fee (after the handling fee deduction of 250 euros) if they choose not to continue their studies. The negative decision, as well as the notification of withdrawal, must be submitted to Centria by 31 December 2022 the latest (for students starting in fall 2022). This is an exception to the refund policy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After the deadline, tuition fees will not be refunded even if a negative decision is received.

The detailed refund policy is always mentioned in the acceptance letter, which is sent to applicants along with notification of student selection.

Refund handling fee

Please note that students accepted to Centria UAS in 2021, and students accepted in future years, in case of applying for a tuition fee refund, will be charged 250€ to cover the refund administrative costs.