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Research and Development

A video of the scenarios for the first trial has now been released

NTRNZ Media filming Priority project’sTrial1 Photo: Marika Hautala

The research results of the PRIORITY project will be presented in three trials, which will show critical communication scenarios and describe field testing. A video production will be produced for each trial, with the aim of improving the visibility of the project and disseminating research results. By describing scenarios and visualizing the technologies under study, complex research can be popularized and made more approachable. With the help of scenarios and visualizations, it is also easier to manage the entities under study. The filming of the video productions is outsourced to the studio NTRNZ Media, allowing experts to better focus on doing the research.

The first video production of the project has been completed. It tells the story of a riot at a mass event: There’s a concert going on for the general public, with which the mobile networks are congested. An event visitor has noticed a disturbance caused by the rioters. To reach the rioters, the authorities are taking advantage of the temporary radio coverage produced by a tactical bubble, group communication service, and video from the drone.

The scenes of the first video were filmed at the University of Oulu, in the city center of Oulu and at the OuluZone motor sports center. The project had permission from the Finnish police to act in the video as a police officer performing surveillance and alarm tasks in a Finnish operating environment. This was important for the field test scenario, as the police are a key security authority. In the video, the police and the security guard are played by the researchers and experts working on the project.

A video of the scenarios for the first trial by NTRNZ Media