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Education Export

Education export and export of educational skills are competence-developing and for-profit activities being sold outside Finland.

Do you have a question regarding our degree programmes or studying in Centria?

Would you like to know more about one of our degree programmes or what is it like to live and study in Finland? With general questions about Centria’s Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, do not hesitate to contact our education export team at!

The education export team

Director, International Affairs

Francesca Cucinotta

South East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia), China, Japan

South Asia (India, Sri Lanka)

Jaakko Vanha-Viitakoski

Europe, MENA region

Gellért Szarvas

International students in a classroom

More about education export

Our education export activities consist of recruiting international degree students for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Finland and abroad, recruiting students for joint and double degree programmes and offering on-demand education and training.