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Co-funded by the European Union


Unleashing Collaborative Innovation and Talent Exchange

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 1.1.2024 – 31.12.2025

Region: Ostrobothnia

Financed by: Landsbygdsfonden via NTM-centralen

Project Manager: Jimmy Nymark

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In the InnoShare project, the goal is to investigate the possibilities of competence sharing, exploring how companies and organizations can share expertise with each other. The project will test this by having individuals exchange workplaces for a certain period of time. Networking events for companies and organizations in the Jakobstad region will be organized, focusing on the theme of sharing competence. Additionally, a “competence pool” and a prototype platform for sharing and finding expertise will be created.

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Instagram: @innoshare


Herrgårdshubben 19.2.2024, Uusikaarlepyy

Networking event 12.3.2024, Campus Allegro


Jimmy Nymark