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Robocoast EDIH

Robocoast EDIH is a European digital innovation hub funded by the European Commission and Business Finland, which includes 15 Finnish universities.

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 1.10.2022 – 30.9.2025

Region: National

Financed by: Business Finland
European comission

Project Manager: Jonna Björk

Robocoast image: Robocoast EDIH is the European Innovation Hub that connects university expertise, European networks, and funding opportunities for companies.

Robocoast EDIH´s goal is to support companies’ growth and competitiveness development by providing services for testing new digital solutions, building strategic partnerships, developing expertise, and seeking funding for investments. Through Robocoast EDIH, companies can efficiently utilize the R&D environments and ongoing projects of universities. Robocoast EDIH offers companies “one-stop-shop” access to R&D resources and networks of Finnish and European universities and research institutes.


Jonna Björk