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TEST-4-SME: Laboratory network for testing

Laboratory network for testing, characterization and conformity assessment of electronic products developed by SMEs

Branch: Chemistry and bioeconomy

Duration: 01.10.2017 – 30.09.2020

Region: International

Financed by: European Union European Regional Development Fund, Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Budget: 1 780 000 EUR

Further information: Egidija Rainosalo, +358 44 7250264,

Project Manager: Egidija Rainosalo


he Project will initiate an innovation support network in the Baltic Sea Region for electronics SMEs. The support network will provide testing and consultation for electronics SMEs on how to demonstrate conformity with international standards during early product development. No electronic product can be successfully placed in global markets if conformity to standards is not proven, which typically requires extensive testing of product prototypes. Early stage testing can also help avoid failures in later stages and thus can also be extremely cost-effective. Project partners will consult and train employees of SMEs as well as share knowledge across the network to improve the quality and efficiency of testing in order to speed up the process of product development. Pilot projects will be implemented in seven SMEs.

Contact information

Dr. Tech. Egidija Rainosalo 
Project Manager
Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd
+358 44 7250264

  • Climatic testing
  • EMC testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Material and compositional characterization, testing and analysis
  • Electroconductivity/resistivity of materials
  • Manufacturing processes verification
  • Characterization and testing of batteries, solar cells and electrical systems
  • Sound and noise characterization and modelling
  • Thermal characterization and testing
  • Mechanical and structural characterization and testing
  • Spectral responsivity of radiometric sensors
  • Calibration, characterization and measurements of optical systems
  • Bioelectromagnetic characterization and testing


  • Tartu Observatory
  • University of Tartu, Estonia


  • University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design


  • Centria University of Applied Sciences


  • University of Latvia
  • Ventspils University College


  • Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies
  • JSC Modern E-Technologies