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Centria University of Applied Sciences aims to offer studies of high quality in an up-to-date learning environment and promote profitable learning in terms of high quality teaching and guidance.

Student feedback

To achieve our aims, we need to listen to the voice of our students as often as possible. Students have representation in all the decision-making bodies of Centria UAS and are treated as members with equal status in all project teams. As student representatives, they serve as representatives of Centria UAS student union.

The duty of Centria UAS is to produce competent performers in study practice for degree completion in order to meet the ever increasing demands of industrial and working life. This requires on-going development in teaching, teaching content and the sphere of learning and the ability to cope in difficult times. Students are central when assessing teaching standards, the practice of teaching methods and the functional role of the learning process of which the individual student is the best judge in terms of his/her own learning and studying capacities. It is important to remember that students make comparisons about the various teaching methods and practices they experience during their studies and so provide a valuable insight into the teaching situation.

Students have a right and indeed a duty to give feedback about the quality of teaching for development purposes and as confirmation of their own academic progress. Students have many opportunities and means to provide feedback about teaching standards.

  1. A student may offer feedback to the teacher during a course and use interactive discussion for developing teaching standards.
  2. Part of course requirements entails giving relevant feedback through  Peppi Feedback is summarized and analyzed, because feedback is of great importance to the development of courses and continuous teaching.
  3. All Centria UAS units organize, on a yearly basis, more extensive feedback meetings relating to degree programmes which students are welcome to attend and discuss eventual ways of developing studies and their content or suggest mutually more viable teaching practices.

The aim of the feedback system is to collect and consider all up-to-date information for the sake of constant improvement in teaching standards and the development of studies as a whole. The feedback forms collected also contain sections for students to evaluate and consider their own learning performance. For the purpose of self-assessment, we want to encourage all students to appraise honestly and critically their own learning performance and methods. The student is ultimately responsible for his/her learning performance and we want to support the learning capacity of the individual student by every possible means. In personal learning programmes (HOPS) the viewpoint of individual learning is also considered; from the very beginning of their studies students are encouraged to evaluate their own learning patterns and practices. This information is just not collected for collection’s sake. We sincerely aim to develop studies in order to promote the learning process in the best way possible.

The student at Centria UAS has the opportunity to offer suggestions about possible development to members of staff and put forward ideas for improvement where problems are noticeable concerning studies, the learning process and also general functions and practices.

Do use these various methods of feedback for your own benefit. Only by raising your concerns can we solve problems and improve standards.