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The objective of safety and security management in Centria is to guarantee that the organization can continue its operations despite any disruptions in normal life or any threatening situations and crises. Promoting a safe environment for working and studying is part of responsible leadership.

Safety and security at Centria

At Centria, safety means occupational health and safety (OHS) and security means security systems (e.g., Access control, video surveillance, etc.), security practices and guarding. Security includes also, for example, personnel security, assets protection, information security, cyber security, and premises surveillance. At Centria, the different aspects of corporate security are applied and, following threat and risk assessments, security arrangements are scaled to the level required. Safety and security are not mutually exclusive, but work overlapping in different areas of security.

Security planning is influenced by the threat and risk assessments mentioned above. These are assessed annually at Centria in conjunction with various authorities and are used to update safety plans and implement the necessary security arrangements. Training and exercises are also part of the overall security system. The most typical security activities that are visible to all of us include camera surveillance and access control, guarding, janitorial services and structural security solutions in the building.

The head of facility & security leads and coordinates the security activities of the University of Applied Sciences and acts as a Point of Contact (POC) person for the authorities in these matters. In addition, Centria has a security team, which is lead by the head of facility & security. This group is responsible for security management and coordination of security work. In addition, each campus is assigned a person in charge of security issues, who together with the head of facility & security and the administration, leads and coordinates the campus security activities, is responsible for the security arrangements in the various campus facilities, the organisation of training and exercises, and the maintenance of security capacity. The person in charge of security issues is assisted by a campus security expert or experts.

Who is responsible for security? It is the responsibility of all of us. If a student notices any shortcomings in security or has suggestions for improvements in security, they can contact the head of facility & security directly or, alternatively, their teacher. Personnel can report findings and make suggestions in accordance with Centria’s agreed procedures.

Let’s work together every day to create a safe learning and working environment; here too, each of us is important. Safety & Security first.

The Head of Facility & Security of Centria UAS
Jari Vähäkainu
tel. 050 4064326

Police officer specializing in educational institutes
Juha Puurula
tel. 029 5447718

Centria has instructions for acting in crisis situations as well as rescue plans for each campus

Centria places high value on maintaining crisis management skills and on preventing any disruptions in normal operations as well as preventing threatening situations and crises. This includes three parts: early intervention, bringing up a concern and assessing the severity of the possible threat.  Preventive work includes maintaining mental wellbeing as well as preventing accidents from happening. The objective in preventive work is to recognize at an early stage those situations or symptoms that might lead to a threating situation or a crisis.

Maintaining the skills to manage a crisis situation is essential for preventive work. Each staff member and student in Centria needs to know

In Centria campuses there are regular (at least once a year) trainings and evacuation exercises for students and staff. It is advisable to participate in these trainings and exercises actively, because only through practice you will learn how way to act in case of dangerous and threatening situations.

In the event of a power cut

An electricity shortage occurs when electricity production and imports to Finland are not enough to cover electricity
consumption. Thus, we might have to save on electricity, and this is done by regional power cuts. The cuts last 1-2 hours and probably occur 8-10 in the morning and 17-19 in the evening.

On Centria campuses

We recommend exiting the buildings

Labs must be run down in a controlled manner

Electric locks work normally, you can exit the building

Normal working / studying is impossible

Communication network is probably down

Avoid using your telephone

Avoid using water

Streetlights might turn off

What happens after the power cut?

When power is restored, turn your appliances back on one at a time. This way, the sudden momentary power surge won’t cut the power again. Avoid using electrical appliances which uses the most electricity right after the power comes back. Water flow may not be normal. Please follow the instructions from the authorities.

People in charge of security issues and security experts at each Centria campus

Kokkola and Pietarsaari 

In charge of security issues
Matti Ojala
040 149 5497

Safety experts

Talonpojankatu 2
Tuomas Tasala,, 044 725 0413
Kai Nyman,,044 725 0304

Pitkänsillankatu 16
Ulla Roiko-Jokela,, 044 725 0782

Runeberginkatu 8
Sara Åhman,, 040 729 9973

Teknologiakatu 7
Mervi Liesi,, 050 469 4782


In charge of security issues
Pentti Eteläaho
044 449 2624