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Global Talent Open Badge

Global Talent is an Open Badge created by a group of Finnish universities to showcase their students’ intercultural competences.

Three international students photographed in front of the Talonpojankatu campus in winter

A student who has been rewarded the Global Talent badge has gained exceptional global competence during his/her university studies. A period abroad has fostered the student’s persistence, curiosity and courage. The student is adaptable, has proven problem-solving skills, and has developed multicultural team-working skills. The student has an interest in global issues and has created international networks.

Global Talent Open Badge

Criteria is divided into three categories

As a global talent you have:

How to apply

  1. Collect the documents showcasing that you have the skills listed above (e.g. with transcripts, certificates of study abroad periods, language certificates, work certificates or a video clip on your additional language skills).
  2. Fill in the Global Talent Open Badge application form.
  3. Once the badge has been awarded, you will receive an email including the badge and the instructions on how to use it. You can then link it e.g. to your LinkedIn profile or online CV.

More information

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