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I Live to the Fullest in My Kokkola

Welcome to get to know the Finnish society and the services Kokkola offers. You can meet specialists face to face and get answers specifically to your questions.

17.1.2023 at 09:00 – 14:00

Centria Campus, Talonpojankatu 2A, Kokkola

Free admission

In the event, you hear about


At 10.00–11.00 & at 12.30–13.30, in Amfi

  1. My Kokkola / Welcome Office
  2. Student Union COPSA
  3. Visit Kokkola
  4. Learning Finnish and Swedish
  5. Wellbeing – How to take care of yourself during different seasons?

Specialists and services

You can meet and get to know specialists and services at 9.00–14.00, in lecture hall 124.
Changes are possible.

  1. Welcome Office
    • Information and advice
  2. Organizations and their activities
    • SPR Ystäväpalvelu
    • Ehjä ry.
    • Youth Centre Villa Elba
    • Järjestöklinikka
  3. Student Union COPSA
    • Activities and events for international students
    • Tutor-activities
    • Participation
    • Sports
    • COPSA membership
  4. Working life and career
    • The local goverment pilots on employment
    • Unemployment Services
    • Career and work life services in Centria
    • KPEDU Jobi
    • Startup Refugees
  5. Learning Finnish or Swedish in Kokkola
    • Finnish teachers in Centria (Jenny Jansson ja Inge Heleven)
    • KPEDU Keski-Pohjanmaan kansanopisto, Kälviä
    • Kruunupyy Folk High School Kvarnen
    • The importance of learning the language
    • Possibilities and ways to learn
  6. Wellbeing and services for families
    • Finnish Student Health Servise FSHS
    • Early childhood education and daycare
    • Education and schools
    • Soite Adult Social Work
    • Mother and child homes and shelters
  7. Finances
    • Financial and debt counselling
  8. Living in Kokkola
    • Visit Kokkola
    • Kokkola sports services, activities and hobbies
    • Kokkola cultural services, concerts, music and events
    • Kokkola City Library
    • Theaters
  9. Study counselling in Centria
    • Help with your studies

More information about the event

Sofia Behluli