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Branch: Digitalisation

Duration: 1.1.2020 – 31.5.2023

Region: Central Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Regional Development Fund
Council of Central Ostrobothnia

Project Manager: Heikki Kaakinen

The BILINE project aims at building an ecosystem where the latest digital technologies, promoting the overall safety of identification technology, can be tested and developed. Real-time status information will be generated both through collected and produced data. The project will create IoT data HUBs and information content, which will in turn enable digitalization for industrial operators and end users. The project will use applied research methods in order to research new ideas and approaches aiming at the promotion and exploitation of digital security-business reference solutions, focusing mainly on companies primarily operating in the Central Ostrobothnia.

BILINE project main objectives are

The BILINE project has three main objectives:

to explore and develop a digital operating and development platform dealing with security and authentication data in challenging industrial environments. The project will study and make use of wireless sensor solutions and IoT data HUBs, proving end-users with both specific and concrete proactive solutions. These wireless sensor solutions and IoT and HUBs will form a new type of research ecosystem, which will support the companies in their own RDI activities after the end of the project.

ii. to experiment, to test and build a pilot-environment that allows practical demonstrations of the security of recognition solutions and the latest situation awareness technology. State of the art reference solutions for software and embedded systems will be developed within these environments; these solutions will help support the companies’ national business growth, and eventually their growth into the international markets.

to seek deeper understanding of the existing industrial security technology’ reliability, within a business –oriented environment and within the demanding Nordic conditions of our region.
The research project is looking to answer the difficulties in the application of reference solutions in challenging application areas as well as to generate new knowledge, know-how and business models using the first pilot customer’s feedback and user research.


Heikki Kaakinen