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The aim is to create the foundation for a continuation project combining 3D printing and locally sourced bio-based materials, creating opportunities for a stable circular economy value chain in all NPA countries.

Branch: Chemistry and bioeconomy

Duration: 12/2023 – 11/2024

Region: International

Financed by: Interreg NPA

Budget: 98.150,00 €

Project Manager: Rathish Rajan

The potential of 3D printing extends to the creation of replacement parts, contributing to the extension of product lifespans and nurturing a culture that values repair and longevity. BIOPRINT projects’ strategy is based on exploiting the transformative capabilities of 3D printing technology and utilising locally sourced bio-based materials for sustainable manufacturing. The main goal is a main project that aims to seamlessly integrate 3D printing with bio-based materials obtained from local sources, thereby establishing the groundwork for a robust circular value chain spanning NPA countries.

Creating circular economies in unique and challenging NPA regions presents formidable obstacles, predominantly from limited access to low-volume manufacturing technologies and the scarcity of secondary raw materials, which are pivotal for realizing circularity. By strategically applying 3D printing technology locally, the project aspires to significantly boost the circularity of plastics and bio-resources in remote areas. Creating new products from recycled or upcycled plastics, combined with bio-based materials such as fibres and fillers, opens up exciting possibilities for establishing entirely localized value chains that effectively mitigate the carbon footprint associated with the traditional linear production model. Furthermore, the project envisions establishing local closed-loop systems, where end-of-life 3D-printed products are systematically collected and recycled into fresh, functional prints representing circularity.

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