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Material- and energy efficiency by minimizing carbon footprint and life cycle costs

Branch: Chemistry and bioeconomy

Duration: 1.3.2021-31.5.2023

Region: Central Ostrobothnia / North Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Regional Development Fund
Pohjois-Pohjanmaan elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus

Project Manager: Heidi Kanala-Salminen

The project will develop an industry-specific program to reduce and compensate the carbon footprint, making concrete figures on CO2 emissions and costs for different process, material and energy options available to companies. The measures of the project are targeted at the (wood) construction, heat production, material production (especially material production in energy-intensive industries) and waste management sectors. In addition to carbon footprint reduction and compensation opportunities, various regional cooperation and networking opportunities across industry boundaries are also being explored. This can mean, for example, the aggregation of material page flows, which can bring cost savings to companies in the region in addition to reducing emissions. 
The main implementer of the project is Centria University of Applied Sciences and the co-implementer is Oulu University of Applied Sciences. The main funding is provided by the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY Center. 


Heidi Kanala-Salminen