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Preparation of N/P rich soil conditioner by using “alkali earth activated” ash and side streams from industry and bioeconomy in the area of Central Ostrobothnia

Branch: Chemistry and bioeconomy

Duration: 01.01.2020 – 30.6.2023

Region: Central Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Regional Development Fund
Council of Central Ostrobothnia

Project Manager: Leena Favén

The project MAAKIERTO KP aims to increase the material efficiency of the industry and incineration facilities, whilst decreasing agricultural nutrient emissions in the area of Central Ostrobothnia. The potential utilization of the side streams of these facilities in nutrient uptake to produce fertilizers are studied. 

In this project, the benefits of a dolomite addition to a fluidized bed reactor of a bio incineration facility are assessed. The magnesium and potassium rich ash formed in this process is then studied as a fertilizer and a component of a fertilizing mixture. In addition, industrial inorganic residual materials are studied for their potential in the soil amendment of wetlands and forests. In the fertilizer studies both the aforementioned ash and the inorganic side streams are studied for their ability to bind nutrients. The nutrients are bind by these additives from nitrogen and phosphorous containing waste materials to form a soil amendment that releases nutrients slowly. As a result, the nutrient washouts, including the agricultural emissions, are hindered and the nutrients of inorganic residual materials recycled. 

Examples of the uses of the industrial material flows are the soil amendment of wetlands and the production of fertilizing products. By fostering the growth of the tree biomass in disused wetlands or other marginal areas, the carbon sequestration to the growing biomass can be enhanced and the soil erosion and nutrient emissions inhibited. By reforestating marginal areas, the production of biomass will be accelerated and the carbon uptake enhanced. Ash and other recycle-based growing medias and fertilizers are economic choices for reforestation purposes, which will facilitate circular-economy. 

The project MAAKIERTO KP will develop at least one recycle based soil amendment. The applicability of the developed amendment to use as a fertilizer in wetlands and mineral soils is established with cultivation experiments. In addition, this project aims to open new business opportunities to new and existing companies and to decrease the nutrient emissions of fertilization. 

The project is a fundamental part of the smart specialization of Central Ostrobothnia region. 

The project is funded by: ERDF, Council of Central Ostrobothnia, Kosek, Energiateollisuuden ympäristöpooli, Alholmens Kraft, Epse, SMA Mineral, Tetra Chemicals, Keliber


Leena Favén