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SAAROB – Robotized disassembly of electric automotive batteries

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 1.5.2021-30.9.2023

Region: North Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Regional Development Fund
Council of Oulu Region

Project Manager: Jari Kaarela

Electric car batteries must be recycled when obsolete, which is economically and environmentally beneficial since the batteries contain great amounts of utilizable materials. The recycling process of electric automotive batteries is,however, a very challenging one. It is a rapidly growing industrial field where workpieces are large, heavy, and dangerous to handle because of the numerous risks, including the risks of electrocution, electrical arcing, chemical hazards and fire hazards. A pure-electric automotive battery can weigh hundreds of kilograms, and may have bare, non-insulated electrified components that can be touched by accident. This makes the disassembly of electric automotive drive batteries extremely challenging in the future, not only for logistical and recycling capacity reasons, but also for workers’ safety.

The research-based objective of this project is to find and utilize safe and productive solutions, ideas and operational procedures for the logistical challenges of battery recycling in the future, with the help of new generation robotics, digitalization and intelligent automation. A robotized research-, development-, and innovation environment, that will focus on the safe reusability of used electric automotive battery technology, will be established and tested, along with a concept that will serve as a pathway for information towards businesses and entrepreneurs. Information will be distributed in the form of application demonstrations, process simulations and informational packages. As a result of this project, regional businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers will receive concrete research data and solution models for reutilization of electrical automotive battery technology, and its purpose in the low-carbon society of the future.

The project is funded by ERDF.


Jari Kaarela

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