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TARGET – Making Regional Manufacturing Globally Competitive and Innovative

This project is to promote digitalisation within the companies of the operating region of the project.

Branch: Production technology

Region: International

Financed by: Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme, European Union European Regional Development Fund

Further information: Jouni Vähäsöyrinki +358 44 7250251

Project Manager: Jouni Vähäsöyrinki


TARGET-project aims to promote digitalisation within the companies of the operating region of the project. In addition to Centria the partners of the project are from Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland and Ireland. The project is funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme of European Union.

The objective

Manufacturing companies in the NPA region are predominately small in size and face considerable challenges like geographical isolation from major markets and a lack of the benefits offered by more populous and urbanised economic clusters. The companies also have devoloped many important strengths. These include regional and niche specific competencies that are world leading in specific sectors unique to the region.

These companies need advanced technological solutions, knowledge and methods to upgrade their functions and develop products of higher quality and better product features and competitive products also by their pricing. By utilizing digitalisation and modern business models the manufacturing companies can renew their operating models as well as improve their profitability and competitiveness, and to develop new business models.


The project will develop a toolbox of supports to build future global competitiveness of NPA region manufacturers giving them a new influx of innovation, technology and novel processes. This will open up new and promising opportunities and reduce the competitive and knowledge gap through the introduction of new processes, techniques, knowledge and skill and will demonstrate the benefits to be gained through the application of these supports to position NPA manufacturing industries as world leaders in their sectors and building sustainable competitive advantage.

Information about the project

Jouni Vähäsöyrinki
Project manager
+358 44 7250251

Sakari Pieskä
Principal lecturer
+358 44 4492564

Partnering organisations

Cavan Innovation and Technology Centre, Ireland
South West College, Northern Ireland
Technical University of Luleå, Sweden
Arctic University of Norway
Slico Local Enterprise Office, Ireland