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Study places at Centria most wanted among Finnish universities of applied sciences in the Joint Application 2023

Centria University of Applied Sciences received a record number of applications for English-conducted bachelor’s degree programmes in the Joint Application 2023. Centria received an outstanding 15 548 applications when there are only 126 study places available. The number of first preference applications per study place is 36, which makes Centria’s study places the most wanted among all Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Kaksi miesopiskelijaa istuu sohvalla kampuksen käytävällä ja nauraa

The number of individual applicants is 12 126, of which 4582 chose Centria’s degree programme as their first preference. Last year the same figure was 2 116, so the amount of applicants has doubled compared to last year.

– The applicants represent around 100 nationalities. This, in addition to the increase in applicants, showcases the international attraction of our education. Like last year, we have the most applicants from South Asia,” says Kirsi Vuotila, Study Affairs Manager at Centria.

The degree programme in Business Management, specializing in ERP systems, attracted the greatest interest with 3924 applicants. The second and third most popular programmes were Business Management (3628) and Nursing (3163). Although some degree programmes rise above others in the number of applications, delightfully all Centria’s degree programmes succeeded well in the application.

– Centria operates in a region where there is an excellent employment situation and a shortage of experts. Central Ostrobothnia was the leading region of Finnish exports last year when measuring the value of exports per capita. This is where the largest ecosystem of inorganic chemical industry in Northern Europe is operating, which is already creating 1000 new jobs with current battery investments, so workforce is needed. We are particularly pleased that our message about the need for international experts has gone through in our marketing, says Francesca Cucinotta, Director of International Affairs at Centria.

The application process will continue with the International UAS Exam in February. The most successful applicants will be invited to a group interview in March. Selected students start their studies in August 2023.

More application periods take place during the spring. The next application period for master’s degree programmes conducted in English starts on 1 February. The Joint Application for Finnish-conducted bachelor’s and master’s programmes is organized 15 – 30 March 2023.

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