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News for students

Enrolment for academic year 2023/24 has opened and will be open until 31.7.2023

Degree students must register as a present or an absent student for the study year 2023-2024 via Peppi student register by 31.7.2023.

NOTE! If you do not register by the due date, you will lose your study right. Restoration study right will be charged 50 euros.

Students on extended study right do not register on Peppi for the next study year.

NOTE! Tuition fee paying students do not enrol on Peppi.  Fee-paying students are invoiced the first installment of the tuition fee for the following study year in May and the payment is a part of the enrolment process. Once the payment is received by Centria, the student is added to Peppi as a present student for the following study year.

The second installment is not invoiced if the student has gained at least 45 credits during the previous study year. Fee-paying students are informed about this spring’s invoicing process later in April-May.

Further information here.

If there are problems in enrolment, contact the student office: