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Orientation e-materials

On this page we have collected information that is useful for a new student and you can familiarize yourself with it during your orientation.


During your studies, you will need several digital tools. The idea of Centria Digistart is to familiarize you with Centria’s IT systems related to learning.

Health and wellbeing


The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is an expert in student health care and provides you with general health, oral health and mental health services and promotes the well-being of study communities.

Using FSHS services

Self online service

Health information online

HealthStart questionnaire

Centria students have the opportunity to confidentially discuss challenges and concerns related to studies or other areas of life with a study psychologist.

Student pastor is available for all the students and the faculty regardless of anybody’s religion or denomination – or any other feature.

Library services

The Centria Library is a scientific library open to all, books and journals can be borrowed by anyone. The library’s offices are located on the Kokkola campus and the Ylivieska campus.

Online studies

At Centria UAS, students can also study courses online. Online courses are offered by Averko which is a part of Centria UAS and portal that offers courses from nearly all of the Finnish UAS’.

Student’s news channels

Tuudo is a mobile app for students. With Tuudo, you can manage your studies and ease your daily student life. Tuudo compiles your most often used, study-related services such as schedules, your completed studies and Centria Library card. Tuudo is also the main channel for news that concern students.

In addition to Tuudo, we also publish student news on our website. On our website, we only publish our own news, while on Tuudo we also act as a messenger for our partners.

We also use social media to keep you informed about our events and current affairs. We publish useful content for students, especially on Instagram and Facebook.

Skills Centria

Skills Centria is designed to support students in their studies while also offering low-threshold activities related to well-being and fluency of studies.

Student restaurants

As a higher education student, you are eligible for discounted meals at participating student restaurants.

Lunch is served in the campus restaurant at 10.30-13.00. The campus café Street Cafe is open 8.00-15.00.

Menu in English is available in the restaurant on campus.

Lunch is served in the campus restaurant at 10.30-12.30.

Lunch is served in the restaurant at 11.00–13.00.

Exchange studies

Centria has over 100 co-operative universities around the world where you can apply to both short exchanges and longer-term tuition exchanges. You can also complete your practical training related to your studies abroad.

Get to know Kokkola

The video has English subtitles.