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FSHS: General and mental health services for students of Centria’s Pietarsaari campus to be relocated to FSHS Kokkola

The FSHS’s general and mental health services for students of Centria Pietarsaari and Yrkeshögskola Novia are to move to FSHS’s own service unit in Kokkola.

FSHS Kokkola, Talonpojankatu 2 B, will provide these services as of 1 November 2023. Oral Kokkola Isokatu 5, will continue to provide oral health services. Students will be able to contact the FSHS as before, using the national Self online service or the telephone service line. The change will affect about 780 students.

The prior health provider, Pihlajalinna Pietarsaari, will provide general and mental health services until the end of October 2023.

The change is part of the FSHS’s national restructuring of its service network. The aim is to ensure consistent availability of services that meet ther needs of students at all 44 service units. The FSHS has been monitoring the functionality of its current service network since 2021, when its operations were doubled.

– We make these changes so we can provide better service within the budget we are allocated. FSHS can now offer services from its own service unit in another locality, which is a reasonable distance away from higher education providers in the area. Additionally, about 70% of all services are carried out in FSHS’s digital channels, which can be accessed from anywhere, says Piia Niemi, Regional Director.

During the remainder of 2023, FSHS services undergo changes in 15 locations. These changes will mainly concern service units where the FSHS uses partner services.

Kela, the governmental institution responsible for organising student healthcare, has approved the FSHS’s service network changes for 2023. When planning these changes, the FSHS seeks to ensure that its units remain accessible by public transport.