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Optional language studies

Have you been planning to study optional language courses? There’s still some days left to enrol to the courses we have during the Spring term 2024. Check out the list below and read more about the courses from Peppi where you can also enrol to the courses.

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Optional language courses, Spring term 2024

Online courses (open UAS courses), Summer term 2024

If you are interested in online studies, we have some language courses coming up in the Summer term 2024. Enrolment to these is open from 26 February until 5 April 2024 in Peppi.

CampusOnline courses

CampusOnline is a joint portal of universities of applied sciences. It features the online study selection of the universities of applied sciences.

Remember that the following Finnish language courses in CampusOnline are not accepted by Centria University of Applied Sciences as mandatory or optional language courses:

The reason for this rejection is that these courses do not offer possibilities for students to reach the learning outcome criteria set for Finnish language learning on UAS level.

Regarding all CampusOnline courses

Please remember that before you enrol, you must first ask for permission to include a CampusOnline course in your degree. Permission to study language courses on CampusOnline is given by the Head of Languages and Communication, Ms Hertta Erkkilä ( or the teacher in charge of the course / language.

Permission to study other courses on CampusOnline is given by the Head of the Degree Programme or by your teacher tutor.