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Innovative and purposeful research and development is necessary within the fur industry.

Branch: Entrepreneurship and business

Duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.03.2017

Region: Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Union: European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia

Further information: Pia Blomström, + 358 50 3368 746,

Project Manager: Pia Blomström


Centria University of Applied Sciences introduces a new project – FutureFOXstudio. Innovative and purposeful research and development is necessary within the fur industry. The project will consist of two parts which support each other; testing and developing a pop-up concept for the fur studio, as well as researching and developing with focus on Blue Fox.

The material used within the project is mainly Finnish Blue Fox, and the main target groups are foreign producers of leather and hide products, as well as designers and key persons from related industries. This will be accomplished with the help of Pop Up workshops, seminars, and company visits.

International Pop Up studio

In the international Pop Up studio, we demonstrate the versatility of the blue fox for representatives of different industries and for students. After the first demonstration, research and development can continue in cooperation with selected partners.

Blue Fox is the most important fur in the Finnish farming history. It is desirable because it has the qualities of its original coat. This is why the Blue Fox wears it.

We at Centria University of Applied Sciences have worked with the material throughout the years, discovering its rarities. In fact we have become specialists in this product. It has a natural beauty which is incomparable. It never fails to surprise us.

The concept of the Pop Up studio is to unite & amalgamate the brightest shining stars in the sky. Industry & skills & creativity & Universities in all fields and disciplines to link, and like a precious gold chain perform to hold a segment our society together.