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Tapio Huttula to be Centria University of Applied Science’s new CEO-rector

The Board of Centria University of Applied Sciences Ltd has unanimously chosen Tapio Huttula (PhD) as CEO-rector at its meeting on 13 December 2022.

Tapio Huttula is currently working in the Kasvukäytävä (“Growth corridor”) project which is funded by Sitra. He has previously served for example as the CEO-rector of Humak University of Applied Sciences and as the Secretary General of Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council.

– I want to thank the retiring CEO-rector Kari Ristimäki for the successful and good work he has done for Centria, says the Chairman of Centria’s Board, Stina Mattila.
– With regard to the selection of Kari’s successor, the chairpersons went through an in-depth application process in the autumn, with the result that Tapio Huttula was chosen unanimously. Tapio Huttula is a strong educational expert. He has a great network and extensive experience from the viewpoints of various actors, especially in the UAS sector. It’s a pleasure to welcome Tapio to Centria!

– Centria is a great university of applied sciences. It is successful, international, economically strong and relevant to its region. It is good to continue on this basis. I am very grateful to Centria’s owners and board for the opportunity to take Centria towards the future, Tapio Huttula says.
– A successful university of applied sciences does not hang on behind others but defines and sets the course for its own future. I want to be building a university of applied sciences that is strong in the moment but is constantly building the competitiveness and opportunities of the future for its students, partners, region and owners.

Tapio Huttula will take up his duties in the spring of 2023 as the current CEO-rector Kari Ristimäki retires.

Picture of Tapio Huttula against a black background. Tapio is smiling and wearing a dark suit.

Tapio Huttula. Picture: Miikka Pirinen

More information

The Chairman of the Board Stina Mattila
tel. 040 806 8200

Tapio Huttula
tel. 040 563 7944