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I3 – Innovations and industrial Internet

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 01.08.2015 – 31.05.2018

Region: International

Financed by: European Union European Regional Development Fund, Lapland Union

Further information: Sakari Pieskä, +358 44 4492564,

Project Manager: Sakari Pieskä


Industrial internet is a concept aiming to new functions of business. It has expanded to include the human functions at work and everyday life. A wider interpretation of the concept provides a possibility for broader know-how than the angle of traditional engineering to strengthen competitiveness of organizations and companies. The expected esult of the project – in addition of increasing competitiveness of the SMEs – is to create a model, on which the production, delivery, services and innovation models  can be integrated based on sustainable developments principles.

The partners of I3-project are Centria University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Luleå (Luleå, Sweden) and Arctic University of Norway (Narvik, Norway). I3 is funded by the Interreg Nord, European Regional Development Fund.


Digitalisation offers great potential to many industries. It creates a base for free utilization of documents within the company as well as within companies and clusters in manufacturing, travel and creative industries, health care and education.

Together with open innovation, digitalisation enables new kind of value creation for example in adaptive scalability of companys business functions. Consumers and customers benefit on  value creation in everyday life.

Six Finnish companies or more will participate in the project to get their needs surveyed and to get suggestions of development and technology demonstrations. The developed solutions can be tested and piloted in practise on functions of a company.

New kind of business opportunities are aimed to be developed through innovation activities: products, processes and services to benefit the industrial internet. I3 aims to recognize the determinants of the innovation activities and to create an innovation platform where involving and  experimental research and development activities promote the utilization of newest technologies in regions SMEs by presenting the change and improvement suggestions to current activities among other things. The possibilities of innovation and industrial internet will be presented and demonstrated to the companies using the modern technologies and applications:

– plans for automation and robotisation
– simulations and trials
– trials of 3D-measuring, -scanning and -printing
– remote monitoring and operation
– cyber security
– IoT-platforms, wireless sensors and mobile user interfaces
– device data gathering and analyses

Sakari Pieskä
RD manager
+358 44 4492564

Jouni Vähäsöyrinki
Project manager
+358 44 7250251