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MOCOXR – Digital tools boosting growth for SMEs

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 1.9.2021-30.6.2023

Region: North Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Regional Development Fund
Council of Oulu Region

Project Manager: Jenni Helander

The COVID-19-pandemic has been spreading across the world since 2020, and large-scale restrictions have been issued to prevent and slow down the spread of the virus. The core of these restrictions has mostly consisted of avoiding travelling, close-contact situations and gatherings, which has caused operational challenges in businesses and industries. The pandemic has brought up a global demand for utilizing digitalization in businesses and industries, which is especially evident in production and marketing sectors. Versatile and large-scale deployment of digitalization methods is fundamental for preserving and further developing of competitiveness in SME-industries.

The main objective of MOCOXR-project is to produce and spread information on the technological possibilities of new generation robotics, mobile robotics, intelligent automation, and extended reality for regional SME-industries, thus supporting industrial digitalization in these environments. Connecting new generation experts in industrial digitalization and deployment of these solutions with industrial enterprises is also a major part in this objective. In this project, innovative ways for utilizing advanced digital technologies such as mobile robotics, cobots, and XR-technologies based on enterprise analysis will be researched and developed in industrial environments, warehouses and retail sector. Regarding the implementation and development of these solutions, seminars and workshops will be held to further boost the networking between SME-industries and experts in these new technologies.

As a result of this project, concrete application demonstrations and support based on the needs of SME-industries for digital production and marketing methods will be deployed. A long-term objective of this project is large-scale utilization and deployment of these technologies in industrial environments, which boosts digitalization and competitiveness of SME-industries and boosts their growth after the pandemic.

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Jenni Helander