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XNet – Web applications that promote digitization

Digitalization is enabling traditional business models to become more efficient and proficient.

Branch: Digitalisation

Duration: 01.12.2015 – 31.07.2019

Region: Central Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Union European Regional Development Fund, Association of Central Ostrobothnia, KOSEK, City of Kannus and Kaustinen region

Budget: n. 383 000 EUR

Further information: Janne Känsäkoski, +358 40 6309890,

Project Manager: Janne Känsäkoski


The XNet project promotes digitalization, together with companies and communities from the Central Ostrobothnia area.  Digitalization is enabling traditional business models to become more efficient and proficient: questioning and adjusting these familiar operation models help us find the best digitalization practices. Ultimately, these new practices will improve the companies’ productivity.

Through this project, Centria University of Applied Sciences can offer extensive operational models and broader research and development environments for the companies in the area.

Centria University of Applied Sciences is supporting the development of digitalization by educating companies and users. XNet’s task is to create up-to-date know-how for these educational purposes. The project is a crucial channel for distributing the knowledge and skills. The project follows Centria’s strategy 2020, where digitalization is set as a key theme. The project intends to support the continuity of this theme through Centria’s research strategy.

The project is set to be carried out for three years (1.12.2015 – 30.11. 2018) with a total budget of 383 000 euros.

The XNet project aims at developing the processes, cost-efficiency as well as the ability of private and public sector companies. Consequently, their business growth and expansion to international markets possibilities are also greatly enhanced. The project creates pilots, which allows to check their suitability on a larger scale in companies.

Digitalization is put into practice in the business field: solutions are developed with an industrial viewpoint in mind. Creating practical experiences with pilots in real environments and offering fast and easy ways to use the results in everyday operations are key factors in this project. These smart pilots show the practical benefit to the companies.

The project leans on networking and cooperation with the companies and communities of Central Ostrobothnia, which helps produce concrete and useful results in process development.

The partner organization should be able to find results from the practical pilots, that it will be able to reuse to fit its specific needs. This is why the pilots are tested in an environment that resembles the real environment as much as possible. The results are analyzed and refined so they can adjust to the company’s needs, and hence, enhance its specific operational processes and productivity.

Janne Känsäkoski
RD manager
+358 40 6309890

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