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VALO graduation service and electronic certificate

Centria uses VALO Graduation Service and Electronic Certificate starting from 15.8.2022.

VALO Graduation service

VALO graduation system is a service for students and staff that provides a task list and instructions for the graduation process. The service supports smooth preparation of certificate applications and the transparency of the graduation process.

You can find Valo Graduation Service in Peppi in the top bar of the Student’s Desktop: VALO Graduation Service. VALO Graduation Service is also available on mobile devices.

VALO homepage shows a summary of the main steps of the graduation process.  The system provides step‐by‐step instructions what you should do next.

You should allow sufficient time for the phases of the application process. This is why we recommend that you start the application process in VALO Graduation Service approximately 5 to 6 weeks before your planned graduation date.

Electronic Certificate

An electronic certificate is an official document that does not need to be authenticated separately. You can send the certificate as an attachment file to authorities or employers. You can print out your certificate, but only the electronic version is an official degree certificate.  You should save several copies of the electronic certificate to different locations as soon as you have downloaded it. 
Please note: You must download your certificate within 14 days of your graduation date.

Electronic certificate will replace the paper version of graduation certificate.