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Master’s Degree Graduates of Centria are again the most satisfied

Based on the latest results of the Finnish national Graduand Feedback Questionnaire (AVOP) results from the year 2021, we are proud that the Master’s Degree Graduates of Centria have again been the most satisfied graduates in the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The questionnaire is authorized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland. It covers questions on the content of the studies, quality of teaching, learning arrangements and environments, work-life connections and relevance, international aspects, and the overall satisfaction rate of the students.

“We are proud and very happy to have such a positive result again. We would like to thank our students and graduates since this success would not be possible without them. This is also an important signal that gives us energy. It encourages us to keep on the good work and continue the continuous development of our Master’s Degree programmes. Our aim is to combine great study experiences and positive future prospects, and we want to make it a reality also in the future.”, comments Marko Ovaskainen, the Head of Centria Master School.

In addition to the amazing feedback from Centria’s Master’s Degree Graduates, the engineering students of Centria also ranked their education number one among 18 Universities of Applied Sciences offering education in the field of technology. The fields of technology in this survey include different fields of engineering, with the exception of ICT.