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Älli – Intelligent automation and the industrial internet

Studying industrial internet and automation

Branch: Production technology

Duration: 01.01. 2015 – 31.12. 2017

Region: Central Ostrobothnia

Financed by: European Union European Regional Development Fund, Association of Central Ostrobothnia and KOSEK

Budget: 740 000 EUR

Further information: Janne Känsäkoski, +358 40 6309890,

Project Manager: Janne Känsäkoski


Centria University of Applied Sciences and the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius are jointly executing the Älli project. The project aims at studying industrial internet and automation to offer practical solutions for companies within the Central Ostrobothnia area. The Älli project brings together the local companies in the industrial fields of chemistry, energy, process industry, automation, software and industrial maintenance. The industrial internet is an excellent, modern solution for improving efficiency, carrying out new services and creating new digital value chains.


The Älli project intends to develop applications and solutions that improve industrial processes, especially within the industrial maintenance field. The project will demonstrate the industrial internet possibilities by creating more efficient processes for the industry. Industrial internet applications are created by combining smart measuring and automation.

Applications pilots and tests will be carried out in real environments, according to the company’s needs. The applications will enable the company to gain competitive advantage. The newly obtained digital information will be managed and analyzed more efficiently.

The Älli project is divided into five work packages:

  • a testing area for new technologies
  • an operational measuring environment
  • maintenance test pilots,
  • measuring applications,
  • the project’s international outreach

The Chemplant will serve as the operational environment for the project, it will enable testing, applying as well as studying new technologies. The environment is equal to a real industrial environment, it is both a safe and excellent place to test the partner company’s system solutions.

Companies can take advantage of the modernized automation system offered by the Chemplant to test the different possible solutions. Centria’s students may also benefit from the Chemplant’s the realistic learning environment. The smart automation and industrial internet helps to upkeep the existing maintenance measuring device base.

The project will take into account the wireless network functionalities and disturbances, which result from heavy machinery, heavy buildings, electric motors and converters – challenges that industries may face. The acquired knowledge will be shared with the partner companies and pilots can be carried out in the Chemplant or in the real industry environment according to the company’s requirements.

The project will be carried out for three years (1.1.2015 – 31.12. 2017) with a total budget of 740 000 euros.

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