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Nature-based Interventions for Improving Well-being at Work

Well-being to work from nature! New nature-oriented solutions for working life.

Branch: Entrepreneurship and business

Duration: 3.1.2022-31.8.2023

Region: Central Ostrobothnia

Financed by: Europewan Social Fund
Centra for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Project Manager: Marja-Liisa Hiironen

The project, Nature-based Interventions for Improving Well-being at Work, will be implemented during 03/2022-08/2023. The goal of the project is, based on research to create new concepts for improving well-being at work. Concepts will be created for the target group of brain workers in order to improve their coping at work and productivity.

Especially brain workers need a working environment supporting cognitive processes that strengthen memory and ability to cope with stress. Brains are a very sensitive organ and memory diseases are increasing among those in working population. Every year more than 20 000 persons leave the working-life due to those reasons mentioned above.

The well-being effects of nature are many. Among other things, according to research results   workers that spent time almost daily in the nature reported their working well-being as highest. Revitalizing effects from nature is possible to achieve already by spending 5-15 minutes in nature. Nature-based interventions have been found to have positive effects on mental, social, physical and cognitive processes and also on decreasing symptoms of diseases.

The project consists of four types of measures; startup workshops “Nature-based interventions”, implementation of nature-based interventions, evaluation and a nature model for well-being at work. Different nature-based interventions make the working community familiar with five different types of interventions, which will strengthen the different areas of well-being at work.

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Marja-Liisa Hiironen