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AKKU – akkumateriaalien tutkimusympäristön kehittäminen

Akkumateriaalien tutkimusympäristön kehittäminen

Toimiala: Kemia ja biotalous

Toiminta-alue: Keski-Pohjanmaa

Rahoittajat: Euroopan aluekehitysrahasto, Keski-Pohjanmaan liitto

Lisätiedot: Tero Tuuttila

Projektipäällikkö: Pekka Erkkilä

This is achieved by strengthening the contacts and networks of local Li-Ion battery specialists with other researchers and developers in Finland and other countries and building a dry room with prototype battery manufacturing and testing equipment.

The project is conducted in cooperation with CENTRIA R&D, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Technology Centre KETEK Ltd. and the local industry.

AKKU is funded by European Regional Development Fund and funds from the local regional development authorities and partner companies.

The dry room is planned to be built and equipped in March 2012 and fully operative by the end of year 2012.

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Tero Tuuttila