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Artemis European Commission Virtual Vehicle

DEWI – Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure

Project will provide key solutions for wireless seamless connectivity and interoperability in smart cities and infrastructures.

Toimiala: Digitalisaatio

Toiminta-alue: Kansainvälinen

Rahoittajat: ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, European Commission, Virtual Vehicle

Lisätiedot: Mikko Himanka, +358 44 4492537,

Projektipäällikkö: Mikko Himanka


DEWI will provide key solutions for wireless seamless connectivity and interoperability in smart cities and infrastructures, by considering everyday physical environments of citizens in buildings, cars, trains and aeroplanes, thereby significantly contributing to the emerging smart home and smart public space.

DEWI, with its four industrial domains (Aeronautics, Automotive, Rail, Building) will add clear interoperability and cross-domain benefits in the area of wireless sensor networks and wireless communication, in terms of re-usability of technological building bricks and architecture, processes and methods.

Based on more than thirty clear business needs identified by DEWI industrial partners, the concept of the DEWI Bubble is being realized in twenty-one industry-driven use cases, aimed at tackling dependable, auto-configurable, optionally secure, short-range communication, local energy-management (efficiency, harvesting, storage), the localization of sensors and mobile devices, and the smart composability and integration of WSNs. These many and various use cases of DEWI will clearly highlight the ad-vantages of replacing wired by wireless solutions. Some of the benefits are lower weight in weightsensitive environments, more flexibility and re-configurability, easy, cost-effective feature updates, novel “bring your own device” applications, error elimination – caused by faulty wiring – by self-managed wireless networks, the reduction of installation costs by simplified deployment procedures, and easy switching of network topologies. The key results of DEWI will be shown in the attractive real-life demonstrators of the DEWI Bubble.

Furthermore, the project will contribute to emerging international standards, influence new regulations and lay the basis for efficient certification processes. In addition, DEWI will make a significant contribution to and benefit from existing ARTEMIS Tool Platforms, the ARTEMIS Repository and ARTEMIS sub-programs, providing not only concrete input through its well-defined technology items, but also strategic input to other fields of application.

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Mikko Himanka
Project manager
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