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Software Development

Could software development be the next step in your educational path? With this set of four courses you can start learning or increase your knowledge in the field of programming, relational databases and algorithms.

Opintomuoto: Verkko-opinnot

Opintojen laajuus: 5-20 op

200,00 € / 50,00 € course

Haku alkaa: 28.08.2023 klo 08:00

Haku päättyy: 09.06.2024 klo 23:59

Koulutus alkaa: 01.09.2023

Koulutus päättyy: 31.07.2024

Opetuskieli: Englanti

The set consists of four different courses: Basics of Programming with C#, Advanced Programming with C#, Relational Databases and SQL and Algorithms and Data structures. You can choose just one course or attend to each one of them.

To attend the course, you do not have to be a student in Centria University of Applied Sciences. All the material and exercises are available online (see the links below). If you want to get ECTS credits for the course, you have to register to Centria Open University (check Enrolment).

At the moment, you can attend the following courses. Here you can also find more information about the courses’ contents and goals:

Basics of Programming with C#:
Advanced Programming with C#:
Relational Databases & SQL:
Algorithms and Data structures:

You can find the registration to the Centria Open University below.

Enrolment on 9.6.2024 at latest. Please note that if you finish your course during the summer holidays in 2024 (from mid June to mid August), the credits will be registered by the end of August.

Applications sent during the Christmas holidays etc. will be registered after the holiday season.

The courses must be finished by 31.7.2024. You don’t need to enroll in all the courses at the same time. The next study round will begin on 1.9.2024 so you can take more courses later. Please follow this webpage for further updates.

The student who has succesfully passed the courses, can order the transcript of records in Please, mention the name of the course(s) in your e-mail.

You will find the courses under the name Software Development in our education calendar Ella from the link below.

The fee will be charged after the study right in the course(s) is granted. Open University study fees are based on the enrolment, so dropping off doesn’t affect the invoicing.

The price is 50,00 € / course.

Contents and the implementation of the courses: Lecturer Mr. Heikki Ahonen,

Enrolment, study fees, study certificates:

Please note that the school is closed during the holidays. Inquiries sent during that time will be answered after the holiday season.