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Ajankohtaista opiskelijoille, Tapahtumat

Make head arrangements for traditional music

Learn how to arrange traditional music for groups with different instruments and levels of knowledge.


Online + physical meeting points

Tapahtuma on maksuton

A digital workshop in English lead by well-known folk music pedagogue and guitarist Mattias Perez (SWE) on the theme how to arrange traditional tunes. The event consists of lectures and theory as well as of practical musical exercises.

In addition to online workshop, there will be also physical meeting places for local participants of the workshop all around northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway and beyond – the places will be announced later.

All participants will receive sheet music for two tunes in advance. Mattias Perez will guide us through the art of arranging traditional tunes during the initial part of the webinar. Then the physical meeting points will work together to arrange the tunes sent out in advance, and we will end the webinar with a round of Q&A and a discussion.

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The event is organized by ICH North project ICH North – passing on our musical heritage – Centria