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AA3D: Cross-border collaboration on creative idea generation

An online workshop hosting AA3D partners has been held on December 8. The workshop had two objectives. First, test and evaluate an online tool for distributed and collaborative work. The tool enables a team to use a shared whiteboard which can be used for different purposes, e.g., planning, mapping, diagramming. The workshop did use it as a shared surface for online brainstorming. Second, the objective was also to generate ideas on three challenges for the project. Two challenges were related to reindeer herding, and one was on the use of weather data for tourism.

We could conclude on:

  1. The tool was easy to use and did work fairly well for our predefined purpose. It was easy to post ideas, to categorise them and to discuss them.
  2. The active work on the challenges indicated that we need to increase the knowledge sharing on the specific topics included in the project, i.e., weather data, the technical challenges, and the specific challenges related to each use case.
  3. That the formulation of challenges to guide creative and collaborative work could be better, i.e., more open and ambiguous.

The workshop was a fun way to learn about the project’s contents and results, and we created good ideas to inspire future work.