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Smart Campus project, Digita and Centria held a joint hackathon on Hacking the 5G

Last week began with a great excitement as the “Hack the 5G” hackathon started. Digita. Centria and Smart Campus project had planned together an event for students to demonstrate their development skills and practise their collaboration skills in teams.

Sadly, not many students were able to join the hackathon, as the spring has come and the studies are almost finished for this semester. Nevertheless, after a week of hard team working, a good presentation was awarded. A group of three students, Jessica Suárez, Mikko Matikainen and Khojiakbar Botirov created a winning demo of a solution for hospital environment. See the demo video here: 

Jessica tells: “GAIA is an AI that will revolutionize the medical world as we know. With GAIA you can track your vitals in real time, get in real doctor diagnosis, erase the language barrier and more.”

The reviewers were impressed by the idea the team came up with in such of a short time. Their presentation material was also impressive with the demo video and a brief technology demonstration.
“We were under a lot of pressure, but we came with this idea and we managed to get a prototype working in a week” – says Jessica after the week of intensive working.

“We are very pleased with the students’ commitment to this challenge. It was interesting to see how students from different backgrounds were able to quickly think about broad perspectives on application development. Here, for example, students who spoke a different language immediately came up with an interpretation service between patients and nursing staff, ”says Henri Viljasjärvi, Digita’s Business Development Director. “I see hackathons as a potential way to further develop our services and intensify cooperation between Digita and universities. We thank Centria and Smart Campus for their excellent cooperation, ”says Viljasjärvi.


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